About Kazan

“Kazan – the third capital of Russia”

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, the city with a thousand-year history that lies on the shores of the Volga River and has a population of over a million people. It is one of the major economic, political, scientific, educational, sport and cultural centers of Russia, which fairly bears the name of the Third Capital of Russia.

Kazan is a city where East and West meet, where the representatives of different nationalities and religions live in peace and harmony. The historical symbol of the city of Kazan is a mythical dragon named Zilant. Zilant adorns the coat of arms of the city: there is a black dragon with dark red wings and tongue, golden paws, claws, eyes, and a golden crown on its head depicted on the green earth inside silver field. The shield is crowned with a Kazan cap. According to the traditions of heraldry, the dragon symbolizes strength, wisdom and invincibility, the earth – life and wealth, the crown – development and the cap on the shield – the capital status of the city.

White-stone Kazan Kremlin is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is the main attraction for more than a million tourists that visit Kazan annually.
There is the largest IT Park in Russia, as well as one of Europe’s largest technology park “Idea” in Kazan. In addition, Kazan is the only city in Russia, having both Federal University and two national research universities.
Kazan is one of the largest cultural centers of Russia that preserves the classical achievements as well as contributes to the development of modern, leading trends in many areas of culture. The capital of Tatarstan is traditionally called “multicultural”, meaning mutually enriching and peacefully coexistence of Russian and Tatar cultures. With the support of UNESCO in Kazan, the world’s first Institute for the Culture of Peace was established.

In Kazan cultural international events take place annually: annual international festivals of opera “Chaliapin”, festivals of ballet “Nureyev”, festivals of classical music “Rachmaninov”, opera open air “Kazan Autumn”, festivals of modern music “Concordia”, of folk- and rock music “The Creation of the World”, literary festival “Aksyonov Fest”, festival of Muslim cinema ” Golden Minbar “(from 2010 – Kazan international festival of Muslim cinema), festival of role-playing games ” Zilantkon “, numerous festivals and competitions of the federal and republican levels. In 2014, Kazan hosted the competition Tyurkvidenie.

Kazan and sport


Kazan is one of the most developed in terms of sports cities in Russia. The city hosted two Bandy World Cups in 2005 and 2011, 2013 Summer Universiade, 2014 World Fencing Championships and 2015 World Aquatics Championships. The city will host 2017 Confederations Cup and 2018 World Cup. In 2009, the city was the site of the All-Russian forum “Russia – Country of Sports”. In 2009, Kazan received the National Award.

The city is one of the leaders in the number of victories in various sports, including major team sports (football club “Rubin”; hockey club “Ak Bars”, basketball club “Unics”; volleyball club “Zenit-Kazan” and ” Dynamo “; bendy club” Dinamo-Kazan “,” Dynamo “(field hockey), water polo club” Sintez “).
There are many major sports facilities of the Russian and global levels, including a number of unique in the country facilities for some sports.
Kazan Marathon is a worthy event of sport and cultural life of the city.